Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Camcorder!

So Camille was very nice and got us a joint birthday present of a camcorder! We just got it today and had to take video of Benjamin doing all of his cool tricks. Here you go!

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Cami said...

Those are cool tricks! I like the one where he says: "Dad, what is that?" and Jacob answers that it is a new camcorder. I like the knowing sigh when asked to point to his hair -- "here we go again", he thinks. I like the snuffle with his nose he did when asked where his nose was because his hands were busy helping him climb. I like that he was so responsive to his Dad and obviously wanted to be like him by sitting where Dad had sat. I think this is the first recording I have seen taken by Jacob. I totally love how grown up Benjamin looks and that fantastic smile.