Thursday, August 13, 2009

Video, Apology, Reviews.

Here is a video of Benjamin saying some of his favorite words. It's a bit old -- it got lost in the move, as it were. Enjoy!

Speaking of the move, we are settling in well. We are not, however, prepared to have three wards worth of women at my place with only three days notice. I just about went into cardiac arrest when I thought that was going to happen. So, many apologies to those of you who were accidentally forwarded an email to that effect. I would LOVE to have you all over. Just not yet. And maybe not all at once.

Oh! Other random things I've been wanting to say: I have been enjoying the album Volume One by She & Him. It's got a old-fashioned/new-fashioned feel. Kind of like The Carpenters meets ...oh, Vanessa Carlton or something. Check it out. Also, we enjoyed watching the movie 17 Again last night. It's kind of like Mrs. Doubtfire, but not as creepy. :)


Cami said...

What a beautiful child!

Tom Anderson said...

So cute! I finally published your comment on our blog - sorry it took so long - we were gone all last week and I had forgotten it was there until I checked on things today. I promise I'm not censoring you!