Wednesday, March 17, 2010

High Time

Last night I went and bought myself some more pregnancy pants.  Oh glory!  I'm wearing them today and I feel free!  Also I am finally getting over this fake cold/congestion thing I've had going on the last week. Yay!

I actually saw a flyswatter at the store the other day; I bought it.  Today, our first fly met his doom.  Benjamin pointed him out to me -- one of those big, buzzy types.  And I wasted no time.  But, let's just say my aim needs improvement.  I was chasing the fly around whapping the walls and putting on a great show for Benjamin.  He made me do reenactments all through lunch.

Random quote from Jacob: "That's what I'm here for: Smart Ideas and Dumb Comments."  (pronounced after a smart idea.)

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