Monday, March 29, 2010


There are a few letters of the alphabet that Benjamin knows and loves.  For one, "O!" So easy to say, so easy to pick out of a crowd.  He goes for "O" first when he sees a keyboard.  He also likes and can find on the keyboard "M," for mom, "D" for dad, "B" for Benjamin, and "I," just because it's right next to "O" and also easy to say.

I should mention that Benjamin first got into identifying "O" and "I" from reading Bingo by Rosemary Wells.

Well, today I was putting him down for his nap and reading him a book, Birds by Julie Aigner-Clark. I read "Many birds live in trees." and Benjamin interrupted me excitedly saying "M! M! Mom!" He had found the M at the beginning of the page and thought it was very cool.  None of his other favorite letters started a page (and I don't think he's quite to picking them out yet), but M did a few more times, much to his excitement.

I thought that was pretty cool, especially since M is for Mom. :)

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Cami said...

I caught Jacob online the other day. We said hi and then I had to dash off. When I came back, Benjamin had left me a message, I knew it was from him cause it had lots of o's and i's. I love you too! oooooxxxxx