Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting Dressed Part 2

About an hour after the shirt.  Also after two time-outs for bad behavior and several previous pants-putting-on-tries.  My recent fail-proof trick (reading two pages of a book, then putting in one foot, reading two more, putting in the other foot, two more pages and zip them up) has failed.  I am now sitting on the edge of the bed, holding a struggling kid.

Me (reverting to old standby tactic that used to work): Daddy wears pants! Benjamin still kicks his legs.  Does Daddy wear pants?

Benjamin: Noooo. kicking stops.

Me: No?  Does Daddy wear shorts?

B:  Noooo.

Me: Does Daddy wear a skirt??

B: Noooo.

Me: No, that's silly! Does Daddy wear pants?

B: Yes!

Now he lets me put the pants on.  Seriously.  If this kid does not want to do it, it does not get done.  Every morning I have to convince him that he wants to wear clothes.  Luckily, since he doesn't have much interest in them, he doesn't take them off constantly.  Yet.

Also, as you may have noticed, he has a driving desire to be like his Daddy.  Several months ago Jacob was playing his Philippino recorder/flute thingy.  Benjamin went to the bathroom, found something long and skinny (mousse), climbed up and wormed his way into the exact place that Dad was sitting.  Behold:


Annaliese said...

Keep up the tricking and manipulation! I'm taking notes:)

Leila said...

Little kids can be so funny when they try to imitate. That's great!