Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

Typing this with "Lilac Pastelle" fingernails. <3

We spent Easter in Cincinnati with relatives. Ah relatives! We love you! It was so good to see you! My nephew Taylor (age 8) was baptized and so was his cousin (who is not my niece, but is very nice).

Poor Benjamin got a serious tooth bonk when he tripped face first into a chair.  Thankfully, our host (my husband's brother's wife's sister's husband; lets just call him Darcy, since that's his name) Darcy is a pediatric surgeon (I think) and anyway has lots of experience in diagnosing and treating children, and he assuaged my fears.

So that was stressful, and add to it the fact that shortly thereafter the exhausted Benjamin was sleeping on the couch and rolled off of it and then peed all over the bathroom floor? Well. Saturday was not our day.

But, all is well that ends well.  We had a lovely Easter Sunday and a safe trip home.

Come to think of it, our Easter Sunday could sound quite heathen, if you stack the cards right.  We did not go to church.* We wandered in greedy pursuits** and played dice games.***

* Ironic, that we attend church every week but missed Easter. Benjamin was still asleep and we were not about to shoot ourselves in the foot by waking the injured bear. We watched an inspirational message online.
** Easter egg hunt! All the eggs were found and then Grandpa Craig decided to hide them again and extend the fun.  Thing is, some of them were empty by then. So on round two, Ellie (age 4) and Benjamin (age almost 3) were hunting eggs in the easy patch and Ellie would shake each egg and toss the empty ones into Benjamin's bucket. Hilarious!
***Namely, "Never Trust a Pirate." It was fun, and did not involve any gambling. :)

Unfortunately, on this lovely weekend, we forgot our camera.


Cami said...

is Never Trust a Pirate a board game?

Annaliese said...

Ah, relatives. I miss those things. Glad you had other days besides Saturday:) Happy belated Easter!

Alysa said...

Well, it's a dice game. I seem to remember playing it under a different name before (and without the Pirates of the Carribean cups and box).

Everyone starts with 5 dice and you bid on how many of a number there are. One of the numbers always have to go up. So I say "I think there are 5 6's." and Jacob says "I think there are 7 2's." or whatever, on around the circle. 'till someone calls "never trust a pirate" and then whoever was wrong loses a die. (a disadvantage, since then you know less of what is actually rolled). When you lose all your dice you're out.

Jenni said...

Loved Benjamin's self portrait. And wanted to see those lovely lilac nails!