Sunday, April 17, 2011

rainbows for breakfast

"You not can eat rainbows, because they're dery dery big." Benjamin, when Jacob asked if he'd like to eat rainbows for breakfast.

"Hi, window! Hi, dishwasher! Hi, Mom and Dad! Hi, window! Hi, dishwasher! Hi, Mom and Dad!" repeated many times as he spun in the kitchen.

"You messed up my plan." Benjamin says after messing up his own train track. "I'll give you one week."
"One week for what?" Mom asks.
"Painting. . . . Five paintings."

"Mommy! Mommy! . . . I'm not calling you!" Oh, of course not. Silly me.


So we've all been getting over a nasty sinus thing here.

Levi got his second tooth this week, so now he's got two on the bottom.

We got our taxes figured out, always a bit of a hairy mess, being part of a couple of family trusts. I can't say I'm not annoyed (because I am annoyed) that Jacob's income doesn't qualify as "earned" or that Illinois doesn't have a child tax credit, but hey, at least I'm learning about taxes.  Chalk one up for education.

Had a lovely picnic this week with some neighbors:

My awesome Korean neighbor Hyuna brought kimbap, which she packs for her husband's lunch each day. [sidenote: when she learned that I pack Jacob's lunch sometimes she was very impressed, and told Jacob "You have a very good wife!" Jacob said, "I know." :-)]

My other awesome Korean neighbor, Doyeon, made this delicious noodle salad with shrimp and peppers and blueberries and lettuce. Guys. It was so good! She is a fantastic chef.  Back in Korea she was a pharmacist. So, you know. Chemistry in the pharmacy, chemistry in the kitchen, right?  

Oh, also Doyeon told me that she took her congested little one-year-old in to the doctor for some medicine and they didn't have anything for the under 2 crowd (as we all know).  Well apparently in Korea they do!  Am I wrong in thinking that an infant decongestant would sell like hotcakes here?  I think that I am not.  She's like "what do you do?" and I'm like "um, let them sleep with an elevated head, turn on a humidifier..." all the while thinking, "where can I get me some of this drug?" Part of me thinks, "Well, it must not be safe!" and the other, bigger part thinks, "Pharmaceutical politics in the US are so, so, whack." Because as we all know Asians are geniuses. And also no entire country (or pharmacist) would give their babies a drug that was not safe.

So I can have some of that, then? Because remember we are all getting over the sinus infection here.


Cami said...

its all silliness. Just the sort of silliness I need right now. Wish I was there, spinning in the kitchen and tasting Doyeon's salad.

Alysa said...

oh! Madre! it was SO good! you would love it. Perhaps I must get the recipe and make it for you.

Variety said...

I love the silly quotes. And I love reading your blog. Just had to say so, and add "hi!"