Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Evil Baby Orphanage* material?

Benjamin: high squeaky voice My baby, my baby! Don't eat my baby! low gruff voice I'm gonna eat the babies because I'm hungry!... I'm eating the nest!"

This conversation comes to you from the breakfast table this morning. Or, as we called it today, Borg. Benjamin came downstairs and announced "I don't want any breakfast" which I took to mean "I don't want any cold cereal" because we always have cold cereal for breakfast.

Jacob asked him if he would like Borg, instead of breakfast. He asked what Borg was. I said "fruit!" So he enthusiastically agreed and I served him up some grapes in one bowl and applesauce in the other. Pretty soon he was tossing the grapes into the applesauce and acting out the treachery above. The grapes were the babies, and the applesauce their nest. Hopefully he outgrows his penchant for villainy?

*What is the EBO, you ask?


Lisa said...

Ha! What an imagination! Sometimes you wonder where they get these ideas from. :)

Ashley said...

Oh, that cracks me up. Benjamin, you are just too much.