Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well, look what I found!

First of all, I said two posts ago that I would let you know how the presentation went. It was great, of course. High school students have a way of making things casual. :) Anyway, I went back to this workshop twice more and had a lovely time. The students ended up posting guest reviews on my book blog.  You can see them all by clicking on the TAP In label, over at Everead.  Enjoy! I'm sure they'd appreciate comments you have, as well.

Now. This is fun. On my recent (fantastic) visit to Arizona (to be with my sister in the LDS temple, before her mission to the Czech Republic), I found the key to my diary! This particular diary is the first one I remember keeping. It's hot pink and as soon as I had found the key I knew it, because it is heart shaped. Oh, how fun.

But even more fun has been reading the thoughts of 8-12 year old me. Behold! This awesome entry (spelling and punctuation preserved):

Dear Diary today is ElP day.  I havent rote to you for a month. I'm very sorry. We do lots of things in ElP. I know my hand writeing has changed. I havent got a chance to write in you. I got Some new scripturs. Im geting more muture. I'm 8 you know  It is 9:40 my bed time 7:30 I sould get going ceseal Dixy. goodby

Yes, that's right, I named my diary. I now know that Cecille is the conventional spelling of that name. Also I have only increased in maturity over the past 17 years. ELP stood for "extended learning program" -- the gifted education program in my elementary school which was held once a week.


Cami said...

What a crack up. It is so you, ya night owl!

clare said...

I remember that diary. I remember that key. I am sure you could have opened it with a paperclip btw.

Alysa said...

Dude, I so tried that! I could not. And I even had a similar key, just not heart shaped. No go. So it really was triumphal that I found the key.