Monday, August 29, 2011

Every day we eat

So. Tonight is special. Tonight we will be having dinner at the newest restaurant in town. That's right: Burger King.

I'm not typically found in Burger King. I think that while I'd like to say that it has something to do with my impeccable taste, what it comes down to is that I didn't go to Burger King much growing up, so I'm not very familiar with the menu, so I don't know what to order when I go there (plus also the Whopper is so big!) and therefore I don't think "I really want a ...whopper?" so going to Burger King just doesn't happen much.

But. This new Burger King is pretty close to our house and we've been watching the construction on it for weeks. The big trucks (Oh, the big trucks! How we love big trucks!) showed up and demolished the old spaghetti place, and started work on the new. Once the site looked remotely like a building, Benjamin started asking when we could eat there. "Can we eat at the wood one?" he would say.  It was just beams.

Well. Now it is open. Today is the first day of business. Because we've had a lot of time to plan for the opening of this Burger King, since it was a "wood one," we've got it all planned out. And we'll be eating at Burger King tonight.

See you there? Because that would be fun.

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tweedlediva said...

I really like their chicken sandwiches and now I think they come in "mini" form. I didn't know it was opening today- if we hadn't already eaten out for lunch, we would totally meet you there.