Thursday, September 1, 2011


Tonight we're having tacos. Mmm, tacos. A staple of my childhood. Ground beef seasoned with a packet and mixed with refried beans. Topped with the works. Or, if you were me in my childhood, only cheese. No lettuce, no tomato, no green onion, no salsa, no sour cream.  What can I say? My tastes have changed.

We use corn tortillas, softened, warmed, fried, (however you want to put it) in oil. I mention this because the last two times we have had people over for tacos they said that they didn't do it that way.  The first time this happened I was bemused. The second time I was like, "What do you people do?!?" Use flour tortillas, I was told. Hm! I don't really understand that. That...does not...compute. Sounds like a burrito that's about to fall apart, to me! To each his own, though. Far be it from me to claim that my tacos are the One True Path.

So, if you've never had tacos made on corn tortillas prepped in oil, I highly recommend it.

Speaking of tacos, I've had tongue tacos. Cow tongue. Yep. It was fine. I don't really remember it much except that I was excited that I could say I had eaten cow tongue tacos. Check that one off on the bucket list! And now you will be one step closer to knowing the answer if you and I ever play Two Truths and a Lie.
Grilled cheese was yum. We added tomatoes, red onion, and pepperoni in various combinations to make some yummy ones.

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yer makin' me hungry!