Friday, September 2, 2011

Two Stories by Benjamin

We're having taco salad tonight of course! Because we're just a little family of four and a pound of ground beef mixed with a can of refried beans definitely makes two meals. Yum! Don't forget the Green Goddess dressing!

I have a question for you. Once 'pon a time. This was a story. About 8 friends. Once upon a time there was 8 friends. And they lived in a house called 8:30. Then they came out. This is the one about the fire and the fire hose. Then a man bring out a fire hose. Then it got all ---- and it rained and rained and washed and washed away the fire. And they were OK. That's the end!
This one's about Shadrach and Mommy. Once upon a time there was Shadrach and Mommy.  This one is not about the fire hose. This one doesn't have a fire in it. They were having a snack at home and went for a walk and they went to school -- to preschool. And then their daddy were driving them to preschool and then when they got there the bell ring and then it was circle time.
Mom: Is that the end?
Benjamin: No, there's two more verses left. There's a short verse, too, if you want to read it. Then they went home. And then they went for another walk. And then they went to Primary!
Benjamin is a big fan of the Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego story, if you can't tell. Also he's very excited to be starting preschool in a few weeks and move from Nursery (18mo-3years) to Primary (3+) at church in January.

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Cami said...

Those are such cute stories. I am glad you wrote them down. He is getting so grown up!