Friday, October 28, 2011

Hooray! Allergy Test Results!

So remember how we went to have Levi's blood drawn and I nearly passed out? And the nurses only collected about 1/30 of the blood requested for the test? "Well, I'll send this in and see if they can do anything with it..." the nurse said rather hopelessly as we left.

Hooray! They did something with it! Our My suffering was not in vain! They did the "childhood allergy panel," plus carrots, because he had seemed to react to them a couple of times.

Egg White

It is so nice to know what we need to stay away from! All of the four that he tested positive for were at the "class 2" level. Personally I'm not certain what that means other than that his allergies are "moderate," but I'm sure I'll bring it up with the doctor soon. I think I would like to have him tested for sensitivity to other nuts -- a friend of ours whose young daughter has nut allergies suggested it, as they found the "nut panel" helpful.

See how the list of things he is NOT allergic to is so much longer? That is what has had me happy this week. For while there I hadn't mentally eliminated anything (except I was pretty sure about fish and wheat), so while the egg was our surprise culprit it was super nice to know we are okay on carrot, soy, dog and cat.

Speaking of allergies, this Halloween I will not be giving out the typical fun size candy bar (all of which I have found are processed on peanut equipment and include milk or egg, soy or nuts). We are giving out Halloween pencils and cute monster stickers! Hope you like them, kids!

We're going to take the boys trick-or-treating, but have some fun prizes for them to buy from us with their poison candy! Happy Halloween!


Annaliese said...

I want a halloween pencil! Oh boy, good luck with the allergy thing, I do not envy you.

Michelle said...

Nice work on giving out non-food treats! I was so excited to go to the houses that gave out play-doh and glow sticks this year.

That allergy testing is rough, but it sure is nice to get more information! Glad you're figuring out what he can and can't eat. We did the nut panel and Parker wasn't allergic to all of them, but they suggested just steering clear of nuts altogether since they're so often processed together. We do sunflower seed butter instead of any nut butters.

Also, do you do Pinterest? I feel like I'm always researching/looking up food allergy articles and recipes, and I've found Pinterest a helpful way to find and organize it all.

Good luck!