Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recommended Reading on Food Allergies

I have just reviewed Food Allergies for Dummies over on Everead.

It is the book that brought me out of denial about Levi's food allergies.

We still don't have a full diagnosis for him -- oh good grief, we went in to have his blood drawn yesterday for the RAST test and I got wheeled out of the lab by a nurse. It was bad, me trying to watch his blood draw, and I have been forbidden to do it again. The nurse's exact words were "never, ever." (yay!) Juice, washcloths, wheelchair, blood sugar test, blood pressure taken three times, stuffed animal for Levi (who was an angel and did not cry either while he was being poked or while strangers had to hold him since his mom was about to pass out). We got the five star treatment.

Anyway, I can' say enough how important it is to educate yourself about food allergies. I'm  happy to answer questions you have, to the best of my ability.

Also, now that we can't feed Levi milk or peanuts (and maybe some other things too -- carrots? soy? walnuts? Unexplained reactions are one reason we went in for the RAST test...) what are your cookbook/food-lifestyle-book recommendations? What are your favorite vegetable recipes?

Thanks a mil,


tweedlediva said...

Jamie Oliver's last 2 cookbooks and one called "Plenty."

Ashlee said...

'Disease Proof Your Child' and 'Eat To Live' by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Every parent should be given a copy of the former!

ps- some night you should just come over for a recipe swap!

Cami said...

I like bean salads lately. Its kind of like, "what's in the pantry, salad".