Monday, October 17, 2011

The Queen Champion

All of these taken from the lips of Alysa, on the same day in history.

"Benjamin. Now is not the time to ask inane questions."

"Don't pee, don't pee don'tpeedon'tpee..." all the way to the grocery store bathroom, with a small pause when we passed an employee. This after the announcement from Benjamin, "I'm starting to pee."

Alysa: You underestimate me! I am the Queen Champion!
Jacob: Of what?
Alysa: Things.


Cami said...

You LOVE having a precocious child - "talker babies", I call them. That is because YOU are a talker baby, and I adore you.

Alysa said...

Haha! It's true! I LOVE being Benjamin's mom. And my statement did imply that there IS a time when asking inane questions is appropriate! :D

Annaliese said...

Remember how everybody had quote boards in college? They should be even more essential with kids around, why don't we still have them?