Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Inspiration: Quotes!

Being a native Arizonan in the thick of the Illinois winter can give one a serious case of the-grass-is-greeners. This year my winter preparations (in addition to stocking, hunkering, and battening) included a mental component: gathering inspirational winter quotes.  I have plenty of original quotes in my brain about the pitfalls of winter -- I wanted some brainfodder that was pro-winter, to even the scales a bit.

It is not yet officially winter. The first day of the season is December 22. In Illinois, unlike in Arizona, this actually makes sense. Sure, we've seen a hint of snow over here, but with a couple years under my belt I know that the season has much more of snow, ice, and cold wind for me.

But today the wind is particularly cold, and on the 20th I'll be flying to Arizona, so here is some early winter inspiration.

Blow, blow thou winter wind, 
thou art not so unkind 
as man's ingratitude.
 -- William Shakespeare

No, I did not validate that quote. Ten points to the first person who tells me which of his plays it is from. And, because that one is only backhandedly nice about winter wind, here is another.

--Japanese Proverb

See? Winter's not so bad! One kind word is all it takes. And I would submit that includes blog comments! ;D

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tweedlediva said...

It's from As You Like It. I played Celia in that show at a medieval faire once.