Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 New Years Resolutions and Goals

Happy New Year! One thing that I learned in 2011 was to put my finger on the difference between resolutions and goals. As I said in my review of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin over on Everead, I see the difference as "Goals are set and met. Resolutions are decided upon and you continually strive to meet them."

Also in 2011, I found this lovely quote about resolutions:

Resolutions are quickly made and quickly forgotten. But, in a year from now, if we are doing better than we have done in the past, then the efforts of these days will not have been in vain.
Gordon B Hinckley (in Conference Report, Oct. 2000, 114; or Ensign, Nov. 2000, 88–89).
I just love that. Because how many resolutions have I made and forgotten about? How many goals have I made and failed to achieve? I don't even know. But being able to check them off the list is not what is ultimately important -- being a better person is what matters. And that frees me up to make lots of specific resolutions and check-em-off goals, without feeling too much pressure.

So here they are!
2012 New Years Resolutions
(most of the resolutions have a measureable, goal-like component, to help me gauge whether or not I'm staying on track. It's important to note, though, that these resolutions have no ending point.)

Go to bed earlier and get up earlier -- 2011 average was probably bed around midnight and rise at 8, for me. I'd like to push that back by about two hours. Bed by 10 up by 6.

Add cardiovascular fitness to my life -- 2011 was a great Pilates year (love Ana Caban's videos). I lost weight and gained strength and flexibility. Some little running I've done (and the accompanying reaction of my body) has nudged me to add a cardio element; I plan to run at least two days a week in the morning (alternating with Jacob's basketball days).

Increase Personal Spirituality -- through diligent, pre-5-p.m. scripture study, sharing my testimony of Christ (in church and not), fervent prayer as a first response, recording spiritual promptings and impressions, and memorizing one scripture per month.

Be Friendly -- strengthen current friendships by calling a friend at least once per week, and make new friends by reaching out to others and by recognizing and responding to overtures of friendship.

Play Piano Every Day -- even if it is just a C-scale. My little boys never let me play much, hopefully this year will build up their stamina for letting me sit undisturbed and improve my skills.

2012 New Years Goals: 
2012, The Year of 100 gifts! 
I'd like to give 100 gifts this year -- approximately 2 per week. I'd love to have all these be physical, wrapped gifts, but the point is really to help me increase in showing love to others, so I'm  not going to hold myself to those criteria. Anything I say counts, counts. (A resolution to go with this could be "Show more love to others.")

2012, The Year of the Honor Bee! 
I earned my Young Womanhood Recognition Award when I was a Young Woman (age 12-18 in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). The Personal Progress program was modified a few years ago, and I earned the new medallion and award as a leader. This year I hope to earn my Honor Bee by mentoring another program participant. (This will go right along with my resolution to Increase Personal Spirituality, or it could tie to a resolution about serving others)

2012, The Year of the Blog! 
Suffice it to say that I've set some goals for this blog and for Everead. They are modest, and I don't want to share them here because I'm feeling shy about it. But hopefully you'll enjoy both blogs in the coming year. (A resolution to go with this could be "Write more.")

So, what do you think? There are other things I plan to do this year, and other things that I hope for, but these are the official Resolutions and Goals. What are yours?


Annaliese said...

I love blogland's annual resolution/goal posts. It's fun to hear what everyone wants to improve on and what their focus is. I like your 100 gifts goal-that's a fun idea.

llcall said...

I LOVE hearing about others' resolutions/goals. I like how you've divided them up into goals and resolutions like you have. I especially like the 100 gifts idea -- it's sort of related to my one-word theme for 2012 (which doesn't start until March for me! ;) I also like "Year of the Blog" -- I've got some aspirations for my blogging as well, but not super spelled out. You've got me thinking about what specific goals I should set because thus far I have only been focusing on my one-word theme for 2012.