Monday, August 13, 2012

Snatches of Conversation

At the playground--
Benjamin: Okay mom, for this race we need our 4-way jet-packs.
Alysa: Okay, what do 4-way jet-packs have?
Benjamin: First is lasers. Second, swords that shoot bombs. Bombs. And fire.
Benjamin slides down the slide, comes back.
Benjamin: And my 4-way jet-pack has a coal maker. To make coal.
Alysa (heard cold instead of coal): Is that so that you don't get burned by the fire?
Benjamin (changing his mind): My 4-way jet-pack has batteries. But the batteries never run out. And it's waterproof.
Alysa: In case you want to jump in a lake?
Benjamin: Yeah, anything water. They're waterproof. And it has batteries. They never run out. I'm not kidding. I'm serious.
Alysa (taking her mark at the starting line): So, why do we need all these weapons for our race?
Benjamin: In case bad guys come.
Is it just me, or do "swords that shoot bombs" sound awesome? I was thinking about how this would work, and I decided that if I wrote a story featuring swords that shoot bombs, said swords would be handheld cannons (like bazookas?) with a blade along the length.

Levi is face down in an almost full basket of laundry. 
Levi (kicking up his legs): Pull, pull. Switch. Pull, pull. Switch.
So apparently my morning pilates workout is starting to rub off on him.

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Cami said...

yer crackin' me up! after a day like today, I need a good laugh. Those boys are super darling.