Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A New Teddy

For Christmas, Benjamin got a new teddy bear because he lost his old one.  We're still baffled as to where it could have gone!  We must have left it somewhere, possibly at the temple when we made a trip to St. Louis. Anyways, a new teddy bear was at the top of Benjamin's Christmas wish list, and he wasn't disappointed on Christmas!  I wrote up some clues, so he went on a short detective hunt to find his bear under the couch in the living room.  Later in the day, he interviewed his new teddy bear (which is named Teddy, just like his old bear was) and I've embedded the video above.  Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Edit:  I realize Benjamin's not the easiest to understand, so here's a transcript:
Benjamin:  Hi there, Teddy.
Benjamin (Teddy's voice):  Hi!
Benjamin:  Do you like... like your blankets, my blankets?
Teddy:  Sure!
Benjamin:  How do you like your... how do you like... your new house?
Teddy:  Great!
Benjamin:  How do you like Sheepie?  (Sheepie is a stuffed sheep Benjamin received as a gift when he was a baby.)
Teddy:  Great!
Benjamin:  And how do you like me?
Teddy:  Super great!
Benjamin:  OK, that's the end of the video!
Teddy:  OK!


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Cami said...

This reminds me of the first video Alysa made of Jacob, to introduce him to her younger siblings - for some reason. And the little interview videos we get now and then of Benjamin and Levi. So cute.