Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Perching in a Peach Tree

Perching in a peach tree
To see what I can see,
Cuz there ain't nobody anywhere
Exactly like me.

I have composed the above especially to announce that We Are Moving to Georgia!

There's peach trees there, I'm told. (Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Millions of peaches, peaches for free.) Also, I'm hoping to record here some of my observations about our experience. We'll be alighting in Georgia for two years or so, we expect. I've never lived in the South before -- in fact I think the only time I've been to the Southern states was a quick weekend trip to Arkansas, most of which was spent in close proximity with Jacob's family, who are the same no matter where they get together.

Anyway, I figure I'll be surprised and interested by some things, and I'd like to commit to writing those down. Because anybody can go to the South, but I am the only me, and I can only move there for the first time once.

Jacob will be working as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Emory University, beginning in July. (Yay, Jacob!) Being a postdoc at Emory will give him both research and teaching experience he needs in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a professor of Chemistry. That Jacob is always headed toward his aspirations. He's an achiever.

I've heard they have cockroaches in Georgia. I don't think I've seen one since my AZ days. I don't remember seeing any in my UT time (though maybe I just saw fewer?), and there are none here in IL. Illinois has cicadas, which I did not know about -- could not know about -- until I lived here.

I've heard it's hot and humid in Georgia. That doesn't really scare me (yet?) and I was looking longingly at the Atlanta forecast (60 degrees) as I watched light snow fall all day today.

Other rumors:
Atlanta traffic is horrible
People in the South are nice (but sometimes it is fake-nice)
They have these things called hurricanes?
There are loads of counties in GA. Atlanta itself is in 2 counties, to say nothing of the metropolitan area. I think there are, like, 15 counties in all of AZ. I can probably still name most of them.
It's only 6.5 hours from Disneyworld.

My first ever trip to Georgia will be in late March. (We've got to go find a place to live! Preferably before I go into labor!) I will let you know what I find out. Anything you want to know?


Enna Isilee said...

Hey! My uncle is a science professor at Emory! What a coincidence. :) Hope you love it!!

Cami said...

So now I have more reasons to come visit. I have to come once more before you move - because I wanted to see the indian mounds. And I will have to come visit to see the new place in Georgia. But those are all just little added reasons. The 3 biggest reasons are Benjamin, Levi, and Jubilee.

Annaliese said...

I know nothing of Georgia. But it's South, and Louisiana is South, so maybe there are commonalities. Humid heat=very bad. Roaches=horrible, yes, but at least here I see less than 5/year. Wait, AZ has roaches??? Most notable=weird bugs I've never seen anywhere else, most notably icky love bugs. Hurricanes=have fun!