Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to play pretend

This afternoon a friend was visiting with us, and Benjamin spent quite a bit of time telling him all about Angry Birds Star Wars (the current favorite game on Jacob's phone).

Benjamin: "There's a Chewbacca bird, and a Luke Skywalker bird with a lightsaber, and..."
Bill: "Is there a Darth Vader pig?"
Benjamin: "YEAH!!!!"

The descriptions were accompanied liberally with jumping, slicing actions, et cetera, and every motion imitated by Levi.

Then, Benjamin giggled and retreated upstairs. In a few minutes he emerged fully costumed as the Gold Ranger from the recent Samurai reboot of the Power Rangers. He then regaled Bill with all the details of the Samurai Power Rangers.

Bill: "So I have a question for you, Benjamin. If the Samurai Power Rangers and the Star Wars Angry Birds had a fight, who would win?"

Benjamin paused to think, but Levi was right on it --
Levi: "ME! I would win!"

And that, folks, is how you play pretend. Borrow liberally from real life and your favorite mythologies, and always, always, win.

Levi was a dragon, and Benjamin the Gold Ranger for Halloween 2012

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Cami said...

Just like SUPERPOKE'!