Thursday, May 9, 2013

The things boys say about pregnancy...

Levi: You are growing and your baby will come out!
Alysa: That's right, and what will we name her?
Levi: Jubilee-ee-ee.
Alysa: Right! And what will she be? (looking for "a baby" or "a sister")
Levi: A Mabel. (Mabel is our dear friends' baby girl)

Levi (Lifting up his shirt): Do I have a baby in my tummy?
Alysa: Hmm, let me check. Let me listen. Nope.
Levi: You have a baby in your tummy. There he is! He's hiding under, he's gonna come out.

Benjamin: Why did the birth cross the road?
Alysa: Why?
Benjamin: To get to the birth canal!


Cami said...

Those two are too funny. One of my favorite smiles is when I think of them sitting on the potty getting ready for a bath. They were laughing their heads off saying something I could not even catch, because they were laughing so hard. "You two are pretty silly", I said. "We're Phineas and Ferb", explained Levi.

Alysa Stewart said...

Were they saying "wooshee gaga"? That is one of their favorite silly things to say to each other.