Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Month Old!

Jubilee is now one month old, officially!! 

The following answers provided by Benjamin, age 4-and-a-half.
She always ... sucks on her fingers
She likes it when ... it's not cold
She hates it when ... it's cold
The cutest thing is ... her.
The best part about having a baby sister is ... watching her do tummy time.

My good friend Ashlee took this cute family photo of us, as well as a bunch of other pictures I've been posting. She doctored some of them up a little bit and posted them on her blog, if you want to peek. Thanks Ashlee! You're the best!

Jubilee is very loved around here. She is starting to hold her head up and look around a little bit, and has even given us a few smiles! We haven't caught any on camera yet, but you can bet we will.

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Ashley said...

I love your family pictures! What a lovely job, Ashlee! That Levi looks like he's got a mischievous gleam in his eye. And Benjamin is such a big boy! And what a sweety that little Jubilee is. Aw, miss you guys!