Sunday, August 18, 2013

Some recent pictures

Well, it's been a while since I have actually written a blog post here.  I usually just share things on my Google+ page, since the pictures from my phone automatically get uploaded there.  When I shared some pictures there earlier, Alysa insisted that I also post them here, because most people who read the blog are probably not checking my Google+.  So, for all of you folks, here's some recent pictures from my phone of our kiddos.  Incidentally, these are the only recent pictures we have, because our regular camera appears to have been misplaced just after Jubilee was born, and never showed up in the process of moving to Georgia.  Anyways, here you go:

This is a .gif of a series of attempts to get a picture of Benjamin, Levi, and Jubilee together.  It's a pretty good representation of what the process was like.
Here's a good one of Levi and Jubilee
Our sweet little Jubilee!
I hope these pictures make you smile!



Cami said...

adorable! I wanna squish 'em

Rachel and Todd said...

I love baby Jubilee! The picture in the bottom left is my favorite. It's amazing how different all your kids are but they all have the Stewart clan look.