Sunday, September 15, 2013

Stuff 5 year olds say

So, Alysa is trying to figure out what she wants to do about getting her hair cut.  She usually cuts my hair, as well as Benjamin and Levi's hair.  So, Benjamin suggested that Dad should cut Mom's hair.  I replied that that was a bad idea.  "I don't trust myself to cut Mom's hair and have her not be mad at me."  Benjamin's response:  "Why?  You could give her a kiss!"

On a related note, Benjamin has been working hard on filling up his 25 books sheet for school.  He told us that he wanted to finish so that he could be a Following Student.  As in, "The following students have completed their 25 books..."



Annaliese said...

Ha, that "following student" thing reminds me of an Amelia Bedelia book.

Cami said...

Its Junie Benjamin Jones. =D