Monday, August 26, 2013

The amazing rolling Jubilee!

start here . . . then . . .

 Eh? Eh? See what she did there? She did it a couple times, too. I fully expect her not to roll over again for like a month or something. That's how it will be if she is following in her brothers' footsteps. Speaking of brothers, Benjamin was talking about Wolverine today. Levi jumped in to tell me, "And he has forks! On his hands! And he forks fings!"

an old pic of these two cuties

For your information we have solved the mystery of the "poopy bugs." Poopy bugs are, in fact, dust motes. If you see dust motes floating in the light, you must point and yell "poopy bugs!!" and attempt to catch them in your mouth.


Cami said...

waaah! I feel like I am missing out because I am not there. I want to hold them.

On the bright side: you are so wonderful to keep me updated.

Rachel and Todd said...

Hahaha! I laughed out loud at the fork fingers. Levi is so funny!