Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Benjamin update

"Hey Mom! I've got a great idea. Let's have a garage sale, and we will sell money, and people will bring us toys."
Mom's eyebrows go up.
"Because this house is pretty boring."

Benjamin displays the best of the sickie menu:
honey toast, sugared bananas with giraffe bento pick, applesauce in fancy dessert cup. 
Benjamin, speaking on behalf of his frosted flakes: "Wah, wah, I'm getting wet, I'm getting wet!"
Benjamin, speaking as himself: "Don't worry, it's just milk!"
Jacob cracks up.
Benjamin, to mom: "You've got to blog that."

Benjamin is loving Kindergarten. He says, "It's good. I never have to pull cards, which are paper crayons, that you don't color with." Students have to "pull a card" for misbehavior. He told me the other day, "I'm getting so bored of always getting green checks!" (Your communication folder gets a checkmark which corresponds to the color of your card at the end of the day.) His favorite part of the day is recess, where he plays monster tag with his buddies. Monster tag is where some boys are monsters and they chase the girls, and other boys are superheroes, and they chase the monsters. His best buddy is Terrell.  His least favorite part of the day is "morning work" a little packet of worksheets the class does in the morning before announcements, that usually has a few coloring and tracing activities. Don't worry son, I always hated busywork, too. :)

We saw his teacher the other day at the school picnic, and, as one might predict, she clenched her fists and said "He gets so excited!" If you've spent time around Benjamin, you know he gets excited about things and clenches his fists and shakes them in his excitement. She also said she had noticed he has a big imagination, and that he soaks in everything. Also very true. He doesn't hear or see something that he doesn't ask about. Today he asked me, "What does radioactive mean?"

I went in to his classroom last Friday to read to the class. A parent reads to them for a few minutes on Fridays. I read Chloe and the Lion by Mac Barnett and Adam Rex (one we just got from the library, and that we think is so funny) and Petite Rouge Riding Hood by Mike Artell and Jim Harris (an old favorite that I developed voices for during the read-aloud unit in my Drama in the Elementary Classroom class in college). So that was a lot of fun, and since I was "Benjamin's guest" he loved being in charge for a small portion of the day. Last-minute babysitting fell through so I had Levi and Jubilee with me, but they were both very well behaved.


Kate said...

we miss Benjamin's excitement and can't wait to come visit!

Cami said...

Jarom and Abe LOVE the garage sale idea! They are impressed with his understanding of the economy, and the way he states the solution before the problem it solves. I think he definitely looks a little blanched in the sickie food picture. So glad he is feeling better! Thanks for the update, I needed a grandson moment. XOXO

Ashley said...

We love Chloe and the Lion too! It cracks us up---mostly me and Joe, but someday, the boys will get it too. :) And that is so darling that Benjamin still shakes his fists in excitement. I can absolutely picture him doing it. I mean, not darling, it's awesome.