Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jubilee Update

So I think that this update is long overdue! Since I last posted about Jubilee, all of this adorableness has happened!

This is Jubilee at 4 months, at Chick-fil-A. 
I know some of you are forming opinions right now.  Who does she look most like? (To me, she just looks like her own self, so there are no wrong answers here.)

Jubilee, 5 mo.
The look on her face in this one just kills me. She has since outgrown the Bumbo, being strong enough that she can push herself into a plank well enough to make me worry that she's going to fall out of it.

Yummm! 5.5 months

Jubilee is eating solid foods! She loves them, as long as she gets to help put them in her mouth. Otherwise, no go. It usually takes a couple of spoons to feed her, just like it did to feed her brothers. 

These next photos are a little more recent...

Jubilee getting ready for her 6 month checkup
18 lbs 9 oz, 26.75 inches long
Jubilee is sitting up! She is doing a fantastic job of it, too. In this photo I'm holding her hand, but only because she was up on an exam table. I regularly leave her on the floor these days with no padding around her. She's getting good at falling slowly and almost always falls forward from leaning too far over.
6 months, in the backyard, photos by Benjamin
Rolling? When it suits her. I think she did end up getting that leaf you can see her reaching for on the bottom right. She doesn't roll to get from one place to another. I think part of that is due to the wood floors in our place and that things just seem too slippery to her. I finally figured out that putting her down on the bare floor enables her to wiggle more freely than having a blanket under her. It just means I have to clean the floor more, or deal with dirty baby clothes... :)

Jubilee's first shoes!

I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee!

When Jubilee first came home, Anna Lovett came over to meet her and called her Baby 'Bee. So, when Jacob and I saw this Halloween costume at a neighbor's garage sale, we knew what she was meant to bee for Halloween 2013! All half-baked plans of her being Perry the Platypus went out the window.

more photos by Benjamin

Jubilee loves to chew on things! 
Juby has two teeth -- the bottom ones. We haven't decided how to spell her nickname. Juby? Jubie? Jubi? Jubee? That is what the boys call her more often than not.

Mom says: "What we gonna do? What we gonna do? What we gonna do with Baby Boo?"
Dad's favorite rhyme: "That Juby, with her ruby..." (to the tune of That Alice by Laura Veirs) 

When people meet her at the store or the doctor's office or the library, and learn that her name is Jubilee, they often remark, "You got the right name!" She is a most pleasant baby, and so squishable. She loves to watch her brothers in their shenanigans. If you sing to her, she will start to babble soon after. She does a great high pitched babble and an awesome low growl. Just please don't try to leave her alone unless she's in the right mood (she can be very patient, when she wants to be). She will give a sharp intake of breath if she's surprised, while she is deciding whether to laugh or cry. And if you're holding her and she lets out a heavy sigh watch out because that means she's about to start wailing. 

Oh, my goodness. I almost forgot. She LOVES to have her hair brushed. It is so adorable. We have a little pink brush with soft bristles and Winnie-the-Pooh on it (from Evelyn Lee, I think?) And getting her hair brushed is her favorite part of the day. Sometimes I brush her hair just to watch her face while I do it. It's not a "complete bliss" type thing, it's like "What the? Oh, hey, that's nice. Yeah. I bet that thing would taste good, too!"


Ashlee said...

Oh my word!!! She is darling and getting so BIG! Wow!!!

Thanks so much for sharing friend. This was way fun for me to read and see!!!

Lisa said...

Jubilee is so darling! I love it! Thanks for posting.

Ashley said...

What a cutie pie! What a big girl! I want to give those little cheeks a kiss!