Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fun pictures

So Alysa and I recently got new phones, with significantly better cameras than our previous phones.  As such, we've been having fun taking lots of pictures of our kids, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites on the blog, since Alysa keeps reminding me that there are people who read the blog but don't see the pictures I share on Google+ from time to time.  (If you want to follow me on Google+ to see those pictures, you can do so here: or follow me on twitter if you're interested: @jacobtstewart).  Google does some fun things with pictures that get automatically backed up, like make animated .gifs which you'll see below.  Enjoy!

Here's the view of our front yard, 360 degrees style.  I tried out this new feature on my camera phone yesterday while we were raking the yard and I think the result's pretty cool.  As you can see, the weather in November is great in Georgia!

Benjamin was pretty excited about doing the raking yesterday - here's a picture of him doing some yard work.

Here's a .gif of some pictures I took of Jubilee sitting up in the back yard.  She thinks the grass is pretty interesting.

Here's Levi and Benjamin play fighting on the driveway.

And to finish it off, a self-portrait of Alysa and me at the Robert Randolph and the Family Band Concert.  Thanks Jared and Camille for the birthday present!

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Jacob said...

So to see the 360 view, you have to drag the image around (or up and down) just so you know... :)