Friday, April 11, 2014

Hunting Eggs!

Three Happy Hunters:
Getting ready to hunt eggs!

everybody's happy!

Jubilee finally notices I'm taking pictures, but by now the boys are distracted. :D
Jubilee's First Egg Hunt
"Wait, you want me to do what???"

"Ok, I'll give it a shot."
"OooOooh. Look at this, mom!"

The pom pom was one of only two things she would pick up on the egg hunt
and this was technically before the hunt started. 
The hunt has begun!
"Remind me what we're doing again, exactly?"
"Look. Dirt."
Jubilee was completely uninterested in the eggs,
even after I pointed some out to her.
She's not really into the
putting-things-in-a-box stage, yet
and still prefers only to empty boxes and containers. 
"Now this is an egg MY size!"
She finally decided that a little yellow jelly bean,
which had fallen out of someone else's egg,
was worth picking up. She didn't even try to eat it. 

Levi's Egg Hunt 

Happy to stop hunting for a sec and "cheese" for the camera.
"Show me your eggs!" I said.
"Ok hold your basket a little lower..."
This guy takes the prize for Stewart sibling who gathered the most eggs!
Yelling at the top of his lungs
to try and get the fly off of his arm.
Yelling doesn't really work on flies.
 Benjamin's Egg Hunt
The "big kids" egg hunt ranged a little farther
and was a bit trickier...
Benjamin's strategy was to stay in the middle of the pack
and keep a sharp eye out.
He was very pleased to have found
one of the eggs that we brought,
filled with his choice: Malted milk eggs.
Here he tells us about how he spotted it before the hunt even began.

And here he is, in  his awesome bunny headband,
mouth full of candy.
Chubby Bunny!

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Ashley said...

Cuteness! I think that even when Levi is leaving for college, I'll still be picturing him in overalls. :)