Thursday, May 1, 2014

Silly quotes!

You get what you have and you don't fit a fitch. - Levi

Levi: Mom, what starts with "bird?"
Alysa: Hmmm . . . Bird bath.
Levi: Yes! That's what I was thinking of! I was not thinking of bird poop. I was thinking of bird bath. Buh Buh... Bird starts with B.

Benjamin: Who gave us this scale?
Alysa: I bought it at Goodwill.
Levi: Good will, good won't.

Benjamin: trying to convince Jubilee to come back into the sprinkler's spray in the back yard: "C'mon Jubi! The boys love it ! We love it more than cream pie!! But, if you could get waterproof pie and then take it in, that would be the best ever!!!"


Cami said...

Ah, the adorable mind of a three year old! Love those babes!

Annaliese said...

HA, love the cream pie one