Saturday, November 22, 2014

Things Levi has said

The month of November was pretty good for 
Wacky Sayings by Levi.

"I don't need help, I just need complicadence" -- Levi putting on his own shoes. (By complicadence he meant confidence)

Jacob: Where is my hotel?...
Levi "You mean undies?"

"Dad! I've got a great way to spell 'penis'!" (Jacob and Alysa bust up laughing) "I mean, I've got a great way to spell 'pee'! P-E."

"AAAH! I was just practicing my screaming."

Mopping and singing to the tune of Cupid Shuffle "Down down swiffer mop swiffer mop."

"I dye my hair bald."

Some photos from this month:

trying to hide from the camera

"Take a picture of me in the leaves!!"

Levi the Triceratops
(more about Levi and Kiwi Crate on Everead)

Levi punches Benjamin because Benjamin won't smile for the picture.
It works.

A discussion about emotions at preschool:





Doing Cosmic Kids Yoga at preschool
 A visit to the dentist!
"Let me see your teeth"
 A couple self portraits:
Is this thing on?
There we go.

 Halloween 2014
Spiderman in the front, Bowser in the back!