Thursday, February 26, 2015

On Valentine's Day: The Musings of a first-grader

Oh, you guys. Benjamin came up with some real gems about Valentines Day. I've been smiling about them all month. Ready?

While contemplating making his valentine mailbox:
"I mean, I'm prob'ly gonna get letters from pretty much everybody... cuz I'm like the best kid in class."

Benjamin gave his classmates the good ol' lollipop valentine this year!
Out of nowhere:
"Valentines is mostly about chocolate. Right? hehe. That's the main ingredient of Valentine's Day." 
(He said "right" like "amIright" meaning, full of confidence.)

Jacob:Where are the [two inanimate objects that have now been forgotten]?
Levi: Maybe they're together.
Benjamin: Maybe they're dating. And KISSING!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Less Valentine themed but still hilarious:

Benjamin was looking everywhere for his homework. We had been working on it earlier and now we couldn't find it. Both of us had looked. He walked into the other room and I heard him say, "Ok Google. Where's my homework?" (Jacob and I both have phones with a voice search that activates when you say Ok Google.) Then, in a robot voice, he said, "Searching house..."  :D And the funniest part is that it wasn't in the house at all, but left out in the backyard and blown into the garden bed.

Thumbs up for s'mores 'round the fireplace 

Benjamin: Are you Italian?
Alysa: No.
Benjamin: I was talking to the sky. The sky is Italian.
Alysa: The sky in Italy is Italian.
Benjamin: What?
Alysa: The sky in Italy is Italian.
Benjamin: No. I'm serious. The sky is Italian. I heard that Italy invented the sky.
*gives me a look of wide-eyed innocence which breaks into a sly grin.*

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