Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You may have noticed...

Hi! You may have noticed how few posts have been going up here lately. That is due, in large part, to the increased number of posts going up on Everead! They are good posts, too. Some of them even have pictures of the kids in them. (Whaaaaat?!? I know. But I was blogging over there! Not over here. So over there the pictures went.) See here and here.

But you know what has not gone up over there yet? Pictures of my haircut. The haircut I got, like, forever ago. And I promised Rachel I'd post some more of those. I've taken quite a few, in an effort to figure out what, exactly I look like. Here ya go! These are most recent then go back in time.


sideways selfie

selfie stuck in the car at stone mountain with a sleeping baby

epic bedhead

dentist visit

BLT. So yum.

Jacob on his way to interview at Connecticut!

most epic bedhead

Selfie while i look at the camera and kiss my daughter who may be picking her nose.

After bath I pick her up and hold her to the mirror and always say...
"Who's that baby?!?"

Selfie while reading! (or should i say "reading")

Selfie with the woman who planted all our blueberry bushes!
And Jubilee, who doesn't like strangers, even if they are nice old ladies.

current facebook profile pic

Date night!! Watched The Fault In Our Stars

you can't tell but I was just stickin' my hand over the ends of the hair there.
Zane cut it a bit long at the neck (for my taste), first time around. 

The before and after pic

Benjamin, you will notice, does not permit me to take selfies with him.

I used to be a bit self-conscious about taking self portraits and sharing them online. But then I heard a great quote (I should find out who said it) and it was basically like, "I like it when my friends take selfies. Then I get to see my friends. It's nice. We can all go out and see a sunset or whatever, but I can't just go see all my friends." So. Was it nice to see me?

Do you think this post was self-indulgent? I will refer you to one of my very first blog posts. Wow. That's a blast from the past.


Cami said...

you were good at positive self-talk since you were very young. and you are good at positive selfies too!

Alysa Stewart said...

thanks, mom!

Ashley said...

I liked seeing ya. :) And I can't wait to do so in person!