Monday, October 12, 2015

Letters between brothers

This morning Benjamin wanted to go play at a friend's house. Levi, was agitated by this and tried to explain to Benjamin why he didn't want him to go. Benjamin was annoyed and didn't want to listen, so I suggested that Levi write Benjamin a note. I took dictation from Levi and helped him express himself a little bit. Benjamin wrote his own responses.

Levi, Alistair, and Benjamin

Dear Benjamin,
Here's the thing about friends' houses. That I lose the privilege of playing with you. And I don't like that. I would like it better if you could play with me more while we were at a friend's house. Like maybe taking my suggestions for what to play.
from Levi

Dear Levi,
I sometimes don't like playing with you. I feel like I need to escape to a friend's house. Sorry but today is one of those days.

There isn't many people that I like to play with in Connecticut. The only other person that I like to play with is Mom. What do you think I could do to make more friends?

Dear Levi,
I think you should have a party. Invite some people in your class. Invite some people you know and invite some people you would like to know better.

What if I accidentally invite the wrong friend?

Dear Levi,
You'll get to know the people better so if you invite the wrong person it's OK. The party's purpose is to help you know people better. You'll learn from your mistakes.
Benjamin and Levi

This was followed by Levi clarifying that he worried that he might telephone to invite someone but find that he had literally called someone else, because the two people had identical phone numbers. We explained that phone numbers are unique and that people and families have their own phone numbers.

"Thanks for solving my problem, Benjamin"


Anonymous said...

What a great exchange! I can picture the laughing in 20 years!

Annaliese said...

That is completely precious.