Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Getting Braces...Again

So this happened yesterday. Oh man, I have such mixed feelings about it!
Happy -- that I can fix the problems with my "deep bite" before they become really bad.
Grateful -- that I can afford to fix them now!
Regretful -- that I didn't prevent them in the first place by wearing my retainer or by getting a new retainer years ago.
Grouchy -- because OUCH!
When I came home with braces on, Jubilee had the funniest reactions. I was hoping to do Invisalign, so I didn't tell them I was getting braces. When I saw Jubilee, she just kept sticking her tongue out and feeling her own mouth. Then she said, "You changed."

Then throughout the afternoon she would occasionally ask, "Can I see your braces again?"

I was reminded of my little sister, who used to call braces "bracelets," and now has braces of her own. :)

This morning Jubilee asked "Can I get braces?" To which I answered "Yes. When you're older, you'll get braces, too." Because it's highly probable.

Benjamin and Levi didn't say much about my braces, but this morning Levi asked, "Can boys have braces, too?"

I assured him that they could. He said he thought more girls had braces than boys.  

Anyway, I didn't do Invisalign because it was a little more expensive and it was going to take half again as long (18 months, instead of 12). Let's just get this over with!

And I solemnly swear to wear my retainer every night for the rest of my life. 

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Marco said...

I went through the same thing. I didn't wear my retainer at night because it was really uncomfortable and I would drool. Now the braces are painful. If I could just go back, I would deal with the discomfort of my braces in order to avoid the long-term pain of the braces. I also chose braces to get it over with.