Thursday, May 11, 2017

Flower Walk

This morning I was feeling grumpy. So, Jubilee and I took a short walk. We saw so many flowers that we decided it should be a flower walk, and we should take pictures of each flower we saw. Here are the pictures!

Jubilee with a popcorn tree!

This little white flower was prolific in the arboretum

Wild violets!

Grass flower

We had some of this in our yard in IL.  

Purple flower, with bonus red grass flowers and yellow flowers.

The closest thing we could find to a flower in the succulent bed

I think this is the prettiest weed

Seeds starting on one of the trees

An iris, the biggest flower we saw!

Anybody know the name of these purple ones?

Dandelion flower, among white petals from a tree.

The tiniest flower we saw, and the only BLUE one!

Flowers on a crab apple tree

I don't know the name of this one.

Not sure about this one either.

We just looked this one up, and it's called Solomon's Seal.

Pretty sure that this little tree is an Asian Magnolia.
We had a LOT of fun, and if you are feeling grouchy, I highly recommend a walk. :-D

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Cami said...

I have been enjoying this post for a few days now. But I have been subbing 4th grade, which keeps ya hoppin', so I haven't had time to identify - which sounded fun to me =)
I am not at all positive on many of these since the photo can be misleading, but here are my guesses:
1. Jubilee flower.
2. Is this a clover? the back ground leaves do not say clover but it might just be popping up through those long leaves.
3. wood violets
4. Do you think this is a fescue?
5. cinquefoil
6. Purple: Lobelia - its purple because the soil's pH isn't quite right to make it blue. Red: I know you said this is a grass, but could it be knotweed? Yellow: cinquefoil.
7. I am thinking this is Echeveria because of the rosette shape - but there are lots of varieties - might be fun to learn more about. =)
8. cinquefoil
9. maple tree
10. White bearded Irises come in many "flavors" like "catch a star" and "champagne elegance", so it might be fun to learn more about that, too. I love Irises because my mother grew them in our yard.
11. Bluebells - again they are a little purple because of the soil pH.
12. Dandelion
13. Birdseye Speedwell?
14. Crabapple
15. Winter cress??? I need to see some leaves.
16. Primrose?
17. Solomon's seal
18. I will take your word that this is a magnolia.
That was fun! Let's do some more =)