Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mothers' Day 2016

Just wanted to digitize some of the things the kids wrote to me for Mother's Day.

From Levi:
What is your mom really good at? cooking
What does your mom do to relax? sleep
Where does your mom shop? Shoprite
How old is your mom? 29
What is your mom's job? Takes care of me
What do you love most about your mom? That she cooks the best spagetti
If you could buy you mom anything, what would it be? a book
What does you mom do while you are in school? play with my sister.
(written inside of a heart) Always in my heart! Love Levi
My mom is a Star Because... She cleans up
My mom is sweet because... she loves me
My mom is...beautiful
My mom is...smart
My mom is...the best
My mom is...nice
My mom is...a good cook
My mom is... a good singer

The funnest part of getting these two little cards from him was his adorable face beaming up at me and the way he jumped up and down with excitement as I read. Also how he read for me when I couldn't quite read what he had written. :) 

From Benjamin:
My mom is...from Arizona
My mom is...a normal human
My mom is...happy
My mom is...good
My mom is...mostly likely to receive celestial
My mom is...not mad
p.s. open the pettles 

These were flower cards, with something written under each petal. 

When I read "my mom is not mad" Benjamin laughed and said, "See? You're not mad!" It was so funny. Especially because so many of his other petals were very factual, he thought it was very clever to say I was not mad and have it be true in the moment that I was reading the card. Also it's good to know that he thinks I'm headed for celestial glory, hahaha. :)

Jacob took some silly pictures of us on Mother's Day, while I was teaching the kids how to play Scorched Earth. Ah, the games of my childhood, now available free online. :-D

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