Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Official Twilight Obsession

As some (or probably most) of you know, I'm sort of obsessed with Twilight, a book by Stephenie Meyer. And of course, this obsession extends to the sequels of the book (one of which has been released, two of which have not).

So, in my obsessiveness, I've convinced several people to read the book. My mom, my dad, my little brother, my big brother, and my other little sister will probably read it when she gets back from Europe. Jacob hasn't read it all the way through (he just listened to parts of the audio-book along with me) because currently my aunt is borrowing it from me. And it's a good thing she is, too, because if she tried to check it out at the Provo Library, she'd be number 112 in the queue. This is a popular book, people. NYT bestseller. Oh, and Priscilla from the Telefund is reading it right now too. And Becky Whipple is going to read it soon.

But, this is still not a comprehensive list of all the people who I have helped to get in touch with the book. One person, yes, one by the name of Hilary Burgoon has also read this book. And listening to her crazy theories and reactions as she read was so much fun. Now, I am proud to say that I think I have infected her with an official twilight obsession. What constitutes an official obsession? Well my friends, she has joined the Twilight Lexicon. That's right. From now on, she too will be checking the main page and the message boards every chance she gets, just as I do. Muahaha!

And I am so looking forward to reading what she has to say about all of the random (and related) things that people say on the site. So, Hooray for Hilary! And for good books! Speaking of which I'm thinking about writing book reviews up on this blog. I'm not sure exactly how I'll go about that. I think there is some kind of list feature that I can add to the page. Maybe I'll go check that out right now...

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Hilary said...

Wow, I can't believe a third of that entry was devoted to me. No, clearly no pressure at all :-) Lol, I've been looking at the topics on the lexicon- it's so funny what people think of! I'm thinking I'll start my own thread... my question of the significance behind the biblical names of the blacks is still looming... doesn't seem coincidental to me expecially because Jacob said another one of the legends is that his tribe decended from the time of the Flood. Oh wow, I really do have and Offiical Twilight Obsession, don't I?