Saturday, June 9, 2007

Short Anecdote and Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 3

So just now Jacob was tidying up a little bit, and he found an old gift box under the dresser. He asked "Can I throw this away?" I said, "Well what if we want to use it sometime?" Jacob looked skeptical. He said, "We'll find another one somewhere. . . . Or, if you really want to keep it, we could keep it somewhere else -- like the garbage can!"

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End
I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the film; and even though I was sitting on the second row (ugh) I didn't come out of the theater with a headache.

I had heard some people say that they were confused the whole movie -- trying to figure out who was on what side and what was going on. I didn't find it hard to follow, actually. I think the first Pirates was trickier, just because you weren't expecting Jack Sparrow to be such a wild card. Speaking of wild card, Elizabeth was rather unpredictable, but she was in the last one too.

The action in the movies was on par with the last two, it didn't disappoint me. There could have been a cooler sword fight, though. Remember the first one between Will and Jack? They didn't top it this time, if you ask me. The romance was interesting, though I found the resolution of tension between Elizabeth and Will a bit sudden. I don't really understand what was going on in her head. (And for those of you who've seen it, you may understand why I thought that Elizabeth and Will get kind of a raw deal in the end.)

Cinematography was good, and the production design didn't disappoint either. Fab costumes, as usual. I'm glad to see that the makers of the film didn't slack off just because it was a sequel. Jacob did mention though that he thinks the rest of the story (movies 2 and 3) weren't thought up when Pirates 1 was released, just because there wasn't much foreshadowing. There was plenty of foreshadowing in #2 though, of course.

I would say if you liked the other ones, you'll like this one. I wasn't such a big fan of #2, but this one was fun. The jokes were funny enough, the plot was clever enough, the action was exciting enough. The romance was a little disjointed, but it wasn't too bad. Jacob and I think we got our money's worth (the tickets were free, haha!) But I'd say, "Go see it, have fun!"

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