Thursday, June 14, 2007


A few highlights for the Stewart family Chronicle:
Jacob and I went to see the musical "Ragtime" on Monday for Family Night. It was very much a drama as opposed to being a comedy. The material was deep stuff, a lot of it taken from real life. It dealt with issues like justice, mercy, racism, women's rights, marriage, children, forgiveness etc. It was a good experience, and it was also fun to see two of my Telefund co-workers, Russell and Tierra, perform. We sat with the Telefund crowd and cheered for them heartily.

School is almost over! Today is the last day of classes for me for Spring Term and I am thrilled about that! Of course, then the finals start. But, as Jacob reminds me, they will end. And it has been an enjoyable semester, all things considered. I stayed up late working on and polishing our group research paper -- probably doing more than my fair share of work, but seriously, I'm glad that I was the one doing the final edit and not some of my group members. That's the price you pay, I guess!

We're also looking forward to visits from Jacob's family that are coming up. James reports to the MTC on the 27th, so they will arrive in town the 26th. Then Josh will fly in on the 2nd. That will be the first time that Jacob has seen him in nearly four years. Wow! And he is so thrilled. He misses his brother. Speaking of which I can't wait until Clare gets back up here. She's in London doing her study abroad stuff (and will spend summer in Central) and I certainly miss her. She's a better shopping partner than Jacob. Not that Jacob is bad, Clare just has more opinions, and shopping isn't really Jacob's idea of fun.

Speaking of Jacob's ideas of fun, he's been playing basketball on Tuesdays with the other men in the ward and enjoying that. He was sad to miss the televised basketball game this last Tues., but playing is more fun than watching. And another fun thing that I'm excited about is that my birthday is coming up in but a few short weeks! We've already got a plan -- Seven Peaks. I remember going and just loving it when I was a kid. Hopefully it will still be cool. :) All friends and family are welcome to come (Joy asked if she was invited when I talked to her on the phone the other day) although we're not sure what time we'll go at just yet. Hopefully we don't get strep throat afterwards -- Mom did that time we went before.

Well I have to get to class! The last day! Wish me luck on finals!

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