Monday, June 11, 2007

Twilighter's Anonymous Meeting

So, yesterday Jacob and Ransom and I went to the Twilighter's Anonymous meeting, hosted up in West Valley City. For the sake of preserving some kind of privacy, I suppose that I'll refer to those involved by their screen names (the shindig was put together on the Twilight Lexicon). After all, it's supposed to be anonymous, right?

Danobanano had Whippit visiting her from Phoenix (they got together at the Eclipse Prom there) so she decided to get some people together. Patienceisavirtue and Camillia came and they brought their husbands and kids too. We Provo fans were the only ones without kids at the party -- the only ones still in college, too. So, needless to say, there was some actual conversation.

We discussed some random things like Lexicon history (mostly for Jacob and Ransom's benefit) and stories from Eclipse Prom and how we got into Twilight. This was all very informal of course, there wasn't like some kind of agenda or anything. In the midst of talking about those things we talked about other random (non-Twilight) things too. And of course we shared our theories for Eclipse. The upcoming Lexiconvention (July 2008) was mentioned. Who knows if we'll make it up there. Not me - I don't know. It all depends on... well several things. Like, if we have the money, time and disposition to go to Forks, Washington for a weekend. (Personally, I have the disposition and would make the time, and who cares about money anyway, right? But I'm not so sure about Jacob. Maybe I could just ditch him and go with my new, nice, responsible, very fangirly friends from this weekend. It's only a couple days, right? He wouldn't be too neglected with out me for a few days. . . I think. 'Course who knows -- we haven't actually spent a night apart since our wedding nearly 10 months ago. If I leave, he might shrivel up and die without my loving light to bask in.)

Anyway, the husbands cooked some excellent dutch oven chicken and potatoes and such -- it was quite delish. For the most part the husbands hung out and left the wives alone to rant about Twilight, but Jacob and Ransom stuck around for the conversation, Ransom making witty comments every so often. When we had been there for a couple of fun, very chill hours, it was time to head back home. Ah! but we had forgotten about the tasty cheesecake that I brought! So, we busted that out (whoever thought of Jello making a no-bake cheesecake should get a big promotion. Genius!) and had a bit. Then we took a photo for posterity/blogs/remembering. I think I look weird in it, (he didn't count, he just took it) but I'll post it anyway. Jacob looks good.
Click to enlarge. L to R: Camillia, Patienceisavirtue, Danobanano, Ransom, Ruby Diamond, Mr. Diamond.
So, then we drove home. Smiles on our faces and yummy food in our tummies and with a few more friends in the world! ...I told you I was obsessed with Twilight...

Oh, P. S. We also talked a little bit about Shannon Hale's new book, Austenland which just came out recently and looks like a lot of fun. I'm planning on reading it soon.


Ransom said...

Witty comment power!

Dano Brett Sam said...

This was the first of many wonderful parties to come. Thank you so much for daring to venture to a strange internet person's house. We're like total BFF's forever now. and if only you could convince Jacob to let you and the baby come to Forks with us this Summer, that would be totally awesome.