Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Early Report from Michigan

We are having a blast! Today it was rainy (yesterday it was beautiful) so we took a day trip out to the Sleeping Bear Dunes. We climbed up and played on a big dune, and then went for a scenic drive. It, by the way, is gorgeous here. Forests and lakes galore -- weather in the high 80's and warm water (since it is much shallower than the ocean). Anyway, here are some pictures for ya!

climbing up the dune!

Josh and Jacob present... Lake Michigan!
Alysa and Lake Michigan!

Sand castle, anyone? It's all beach, no ocean!

Sleeping Bear Dune, ahoy!

And here is a fun anecdote for you:

Jacob has never been on a waverunner/jetski/seadoo or whatever you want to call those cool miniature watercrafts. This, of course, is a scandal. So, he and I went out on the contraption yesterday. He was driving, and that was a bit crazy, but not as crazy as driving with experienced drivers, because they like doing tricks and such. Anyway, we'd been out for less than 10 minutes... probably only 5 really. Then he turns around to me and says, "Hey, which way is the house?"

I thought it was behind us, and said as much. We turned around and started to "head back"... hahaha. As it turns out, we couldn't figure out which dock was ours...which house was ours. We drove back and forth along the beach for about 45 minutes, looking for the house. Jacob didn't have his glasses on, so he wasn't much help. And it wasn't like we could stop and ask for directions -- "Hey, do you know where the McNutt's live? Oh, this is your vacation home too? You don't know everyone's names?" So we just kept looking... and looking... back and forth up the beach..."Hey! I've seen that seagull before! We're going in circles!"

Soon enough we were heading back for another pass along the shore and there was a boat on collision course with us. I slowed, and then adjusted course to hit us again. I was thinking, "Man, what's up with these people? Well, maybe we could ask them for directions of some kind." Then I thought, "Hey, they're standing up and waving..." and "Oh! That's Rachel! They came after us!" We followed them back, and they told us all the landmarks and how to figure out where the house was.

They also told us their side of the story: "They've been out there for a long time." "Aww, they're having fun." "It's not very nice of them to not come back and let other people have a turn." "I wonder if they're lost." "I hope they're ok on gas." "We'd better go after them."

It was a little adventure, and Jacob and I figure that we'll know the beach really well for the rest of our trip. We never got too panicked, but our riding around in the sun and hanging on to the waverunner wore us out.


Becky said...

Sounds like you're having fun. I'm jealous, I've always wanted to go out on one of those.

Hilary said...

Lol, I love your adventures :-) But when are you going back to Provo?