Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Our kids would be freaks"

That's what my dad's first cousin said to him, when he proposed marriage to her in his youth.

I didn't marry my first cousin, though Jacob and I are distantly related.  I think it's more the combination of our heights that makes our kids a little bit freakish.

Levi, age 8 weeks, is now wearing size 6 months. (He's not even 2 months, officially! Even Benjamin didn't get into the 6 month clothes until a little later.)

Benjamin, age 2, is wearing size 10 shoes. He's not even two-and-a-half, even.

So, at least one part of Kym's prediction is coming true: "You're going to breed giant geniuses" was the gist of it.  I can't say about the genius part, but they seem to be somewhat giant.


Cami said...

Are your kids growing out of all their clothes? My kids are, and we need to winterize too.

Helen Macfarlane said...

HA HA HA That's so funny!

Aislin said...

Whoa. Seriously. Gwen wears a 10.5 shoe and she's almost 6.

Jenni said...

Yeah, my kids are always off the charts for their height. With us being tall, I guess that's already obvious that they would be.